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Welcome to Alien Adoptables!

We are a unique blend of writing guild, role-playing club, and an adoptables group! Member participation through art, writing, and role playing is required.

We are an adoptable group that focuses on bettering writers and artists through challenges and events, working to improve skills in a supportive, fun environment. We work to offer support to the arts through a storyline that spans many years, having been well developed by the caretakers. The species are of the caretakers’ creation too – You get to flesh out the characters and give them heart, mind, and soul.
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2642 EAD
(Acceptable Birth Year Gap: 2622 to 2662)


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Central Admin Account: Nephidae [Anon Tumblr Coming Soon]

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:bulletpurple: Tenor | Drannd | Nephidae | Palpusoids | Petraergo | Memitim | UdonoActive
:bulletyellow: GiaZeries | Alarcian | Kaosto | Bemy | ZolgenActive
:bulletwhite: Fiddlezips | Frehsu | Sracknai | Active
:bulletpink: KingRefi | Symbols | Active


Member of the Quarter
What is Member of the Quarter?
Member of the Quarter is when AlienAdoptables has felt that the person nominated has gone above and beyond our expectations for the group! This can be for any number of reasons!

How do you become Member of the Quarter?
Someone has to nominate you by sending in a note to Nephidae titled: 'Member of the Quarter Nomination' and their reasons as to why. From the quarter's nominations the administration will pick who they felt truly deserves the position. All nominations will proceed to the next quarter.

What significance is being Member of the Quarter?
A 3-month feature here on the front page. Other prizes may become available in the future.

:bulletgreen::bulletblack: MEMBER OF THE QUARTER:bulletblack::bulletgreen:

:star: :iconfiddlezips: :iconfiddlezips: :iconfiddlezips: :star:

"Where to begin? Fiddlezips is not only a care taker at AlienAdoptables with two fantastic species, but an active member of the community! In fact they have become a major active member over the past months not only providing some wonderful art of their distinctly styled work, but giving the group some wonderful imagery to work with. Fiddlezips is always lots of fun in chat or where ever else she pops up, quick with quirky jokes she adds a level of jolliness to most group activities she can make it to. On top of all this she is being noted this month for her recent dedication to being a big part of the group. Weathering computer issues, Real Life schedule constraints, and illness she has worked to be around even if its simply dropping a fun sketch from time to time. Always a pleasure to have around and an inspiration in her level of creativity I am happy to honor Fiddlezips as our member of the quarter.

AA: VE Noun x Striv by Fiddlezips AA: CAE Group 005 by Fiddlezips AA: VE Quidel x Jack by Fiddlezips

Character of the Month!
What is Character of the Month?
Character of the Month is when a character has been nominated of having been either particularly well developed, or has good potential, and could use a bit of spotlight!

How do you become Character of the Month?
Yourself or someone has to nominate the individual character by sending in a note to Nephidae titled: 'Character of the Month Nomination' and their reasons as to why (The Character must have either a CAE, or if CAE free a CAE equivalence in play (Profile, comment-CAE, etc). From the month's nominations the administration will pick who they felt deserves the position. All nominations will proceed to the next month that were not picked.

What significance is Character of the Month?
For the owners to develop their characters more, as well as offering more exposure for everyone involved. Members who do art or writing, or even RP with the owner of that character and turn it in in the month the character is featured get double the rewards that come with turning them in, including lottery tickets for each item..

:bulletgreen::bulletblack: CHARACTER OF THE MONTH:bulletblack::bulletgreen:

Tenor: Noy by Tenor
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

"This is simply an amazing ride. Many persons got to enjoy it along the way as well as this work was for the most part written live by Tenor for viewers. Its not only a CAE that goes out of its way to make an amazing character of the Memitim Noy, but all the characters around him. This is not only character building it is world building. From the moment you start the read you step into the world of Noy and his passionate mother Jinera and start an adventure with them and the other characters of the story. This story covers every point needed in a Memitim CAE and often shows creative ways to write within the strict guidelines of their secret world. Its a piece that ties fully into the Invasion event currently sweeping the group and drags you into the heart of the terror that is the fight against them when they first arrive on Khaev. The execution here is flawless and no detail leave a reader wanting or confused, everything is well explained so that those reading can tag along without having to stop and ask questions. Noy is well developed and you get a clear sense of his character and motivations as he grows and interacts. It makes you want to know the character and his world leaving you satisfied and at the same time wanting more of the great material given. This is what a multi-character CAE should be, a web of personal connections between characters that draws you in. Its the best written Memitim CAE I have seen in sometime and I deeply encourage members to read it! I promise it is worth the time to delve into the character and world of Noy and enjoy the adventure surrounding him!~ GiaZeries

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We will affiliate with any role-play, art, and adoptable group that features originality! Just go straight to affiliate, we don't mind at all! =D


Tenor Fucked up: SUDDEN DEATH ROUND 3 2.0 VERSION 

7 deviants said AA: Because why not by GiaZeries
6 deviants said AA: VE Rayla x Bick by Fiddlezips
5 deviants said AA: VE Wres x Jade-Dous by Fiddlezips
2 deviants said AA Crack Shipping: Flek and Victor by forestfairyunicorn


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I'm still on DA, but chat's doing a weird thing where I'm 'in,' but I can't see any posts made.  It doesn't give the 'you have joined xxxx chat', or anything.  I thought everyone was on ninja mode last night, but I've tried posting commentary, and it doesn't show up on screen.  I did update compy, which included a flash update, sooo, maybe that's something to do with it.  I may poke DA for the thing when I get back from work tonight.  oTL
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forestfairyunicorn Apr 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not sure if this happens to anyone else, but when I logged in to chat I can't log in to chat.
Tenor Is currently locked out of her DA Account. She is not sure at this time how long it will take to get back into her account so things may be on hold for a bit!
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Replicka Apr 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I am in Vegas and will not be around too much. 8D
KingRefi Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Computer is surprisingly up and running, but I have been warned it is likely unstable, so we'll see how it goes :3
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