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Welcome to Alien Adoptables!

Welcome to AA!
We are a unique blend of writing guild, role-playing club, and an adoptables group! Member participation through art, writing, and role playing is required.

We are an adoptable group that focuses on bettering writers and artists through challenges and events, working to improve skills in a supportive, fun environment. We work to offer support to the arts through a storyline that spans many years, having been well developed by the caretakers. The species are of the caretakers’ creation too – You get to flesh out the characters and give them heart, mind, and soul.
Courtesy of pureheart-169



Member of the Quarter
What is Member of the Quarter?
Member of the Quarter is when AlienAdoptables has felt that the person nominated has gone above and beyond our expectations for the group! This can be for any number of reasons!

How do you become Member of the Quarter?
Someone has to nominate you by sending in a note to Nephidae titled: 'Member of the Quarter Nomination' and their reasons as to why. From the quarter's nominations the administration will pick who they felt truly deserves the position. All nominations will proceed to the next quarter.

What significance is being Member of the Quarter?
A 3-month feature here on the front page. Other prizes may become available in the future.

:bulletgreen::bulletblack: MEMBER OF THE QUARTER:bulletblack::bulletgreen:

:star: :iconsilentmoon913: :iconsilentmoon913: :iconsilentmoon913: :star:

"This member has been around since the groups start up! silentmoon913 is a creative and fun individual who provides a certain zest when found in our chatroom. She is the secret master of 'Your Mom' and great at derailing conversations with such. Her art has steadily progressed over the years as has her writing leaving a trip to her gallery an enjoyable experience. While very busy with school and life silentmoon913 still makes time for the group to hang out and show off her creativity. Congrats silentmoon913 this Quarter we celebrate you!"

AA: Nerd by silentmoon913 AA Invasion: Get Some Rest“This is an absolute disaster. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”
Aurinthe bit her lip. Héit had been on edge ever since the evacuation had been announced, and he showed no signs of calming. It had only been a few hours but she was sure he hadn’t even sat down during that time, and he was not receptive to suggestions that he do so. Too much to figure out, too much to do, too much everything.
“Am I going to be able to transport all of the inventory? What am I going to do if I can’t? That’s a hell of a loss to eat, and in the middle of all of this. Handmade, too, not even your father could replace it.”
Oh, good, she was being directly addressed this time, that was helpful. “Whatever happens, we’ll get through it like we always have. This is tough on everyone, so if nothing else, we’re no worse off as far as our relative place in society.” A small, hopeful smile.
He paused. “That is true. It’
AA-Xmas: QueenJaws by silentmoon913

Character of the Month
What is Character of the Month?
Character of the Month is when a character has been nominated of having been either particularly well developed, or has good potential, and could use a bit of spotlight!

How do you become Character of the Month?
Yourself or someone has to nominate the individual character by sending in a note to Nephidae titled: 'Character of the Month Nomination' and their reasons as to why (The Character must have either a CAE, or if CAE free a CAE equivalence in play (Profile, comment-CAE, etc). From the month's nominations the administration will pick who they felt deserves the position. All nominations will proceed to the next month that were not picked.

What significance is Character of the Month?
For the owners to develop their characters more, as well as offering more exposure for everyone involved. Members who do art or writing, or even RP with the owner of that character and turn it in in the month the character is featured get double the rewards that come with turning them in, including lottery tickets for each item.

:bulletgreen::bulletblack: CHARACTER OF THE MONTH:bulletblack::bulletgreen:

KingRefi: Catashi Lewis by GiaZeries
Name: Catashi Lewis

"If I can be forgiven for the pun, I'd like to say that she really is quite the interesting character. She's nowhere near the most gentle, happiest, or least likely to get into trouble, and that is where half the fun comes in. The other half comes in the form of knowing how much trouble she got into while young, and the profession she chose as an adult." ~ toranekohybrid

Random from Favourites

 Caretakers and Species

:iconfiddlezips: Fiddlezips

Availability: -Active-

:icongiazeries: GiaZeries

Availability: -Active-

:iconkingrefi: KingRefi

Availability: -Vacation-

:iconnephidae: Nephidae

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We will affiliate with any role-play, art, and adoptable group that features originality! Just go straight to affiliate, we don't mind at all! =D



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TashaWasha Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YES. I love the new layout design. :dummy:
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Replicka Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I will be completely and totally dead to the world until at least November 2nd. Dayjob is bending me over to the point of tears.
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forestfairyunicorn Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
And another announcement:

I'll be gone sometime on Monday 18 and be back by Monday 25. Camping week.

Expect art and writing ;)
forestfairyunicorn Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey guys! So a bit of an announcement:

Starting tomorrow, since I'm gonna focus on my summer course (until mid August), I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus from AA.

Now that doesn't mean I won't be around! I'll check in a couple times a week, most likely weekends. And possibly mass post stuff |D

Wish me luck!
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